Exceptionally Crafted Custom Doors & Millwork

Reproduction Doors

Custom doors for churches & historical buildings

With true-to-the-original craftsmanship, Rockwood has helped churches, public institutions and notable residences bring their past back to life.

Whether we’re replacing a door or matching an original design for a new location, we have the expertise to get the job done.

Our projects have included:

  • Custom Church Doors
  • Old World Entry Doors
  • Traditional Interior Doors
  • Historical Building Doors
  • Garden & Entry Gates

To recreate your design, we will either bring your existing door to our facility or visit your site to take photographs and precise measurements. We pay close attention to the smallest details – from the style of panels and hardware to the profile of the moldings.

Authentic Replacement Doors

Through decades of use and exposure to the elements, even the best made wood doors will eventually begin to show their age. While ongoing maintenance and repairs can help, sometimes the best option is to replicate the design using new materials.

Signs that it’s time to replace your door include warped or cracked panels, damage from rot or insects and loose joints.

Because Rockwood still relies on many traditional woodworking methods, we’re well equipped to take on historical door projects. We also make use of innovations such as precision cutting tools, modern adhesives and durable finishes to ensure your reproduction door will hold up even better than the original.

Replacing your doors does not mean you have to sacrifice the original look of your home or building. Contact us today to discuss the possibilities for your project.


Designing For Your Next Project?

At Rockwood, we listen first, ask questions, and then create custom pieces that fit your needs. Ready to get started?